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Chrysalis Ministries provides hands-on case management and workforce services to help former inmates and their families as they overcome the consequences of incarceration.

What our clients are saying

Ready to Work

“Chrysalis Ministries has made it easy to enroll into the Ready to Work program. I have started the training program to reach the job of my dreams. They helped me select and enroll in the training program and provided me with supplies and resources to be successful.”

T. Richardson, a Chrysalis Ministries client

Treated with respect and dignity

“The experience I’ve had by being a part of Chrysalis is absolutely great. I have seen Chrysalis grow in many ways. My testimonial is partly biased because in my heart I’ve learned to love in God’s way the over all make up of Chrysalis. For example, the staff, the program, and its position have benefited me in ways that are unimaginable. It’s not even about job leads and classes, it’s just kind words, acceptance, and being treated with respect and dignity. Thanks to all of you.”

A Chrysalis Ministries client

2nd Chance Manufacturing

“This program has offered me an amazing opportunity for stability and advancement. I no longer have to work daily jobs and have a steady income. My employer through the 2nd Chance Manufacturing Program has recognized my hard work and potential and I’m already succeeding at my job. Thank you Chrysalis Ministries and everyone who made this possible”

2nd Chance Manufacturing Program participant

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