Case Management

Our case managers work closely with clients to identify barriers, goals, and guide clients into their next steps.
Walk-ins and appointments are welcome.

Eligibility and Requirements

– Proof of incarceration which includes any       of the following: 

  • Criminal background
  • Conditions of probation/parole
  • Profile report
  • TDCJ
  • re-entry of federal ID card
  • Child Protective Services (CPS) safety plan

– Displays of at-risk factors for incarceration

– Must live in Bexar County

Job Readiness & Placement

Chrysalis Ministries currently works with over 400 employers to help all clients find their desired job.
With the help of Job readiness and placement, clients will learn how to write a resume, core job skills, and the receive help finding a job.

Life Skill Classes

Chrysalis Ministries offers in house life skill classes for all clients. We also partner with multiple non-profits to help further client's education.

Available classes

  • Job Readiness and Career Development with 2 annual job fairs (No fee required)
  • Money Management
  • 12 Step Faith-based Substance Abuse and Recovery (NA & AA)
  • Anger Management Class ($55 fee)
  • Theft Addiction and Recovery
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Seeking Safety: PTSD and Substance Abuse Pastoral Counseling (No fee)
  • Parenting Classes (No fee)
  • Moral Recognition Therapy (No fee)

Mental Health Counseling

Chrysalis Ministries offers free mental health counseling and chaplaincy services for all clients. These services are available in order to help those attempting recovery, on-going recovery, along with former inmates attempting to merge back into society.

Counseling sessions vary client to client.

* Sunday Worship services (Sundays 12PM-1PM, No fee)

Your Feedback

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions? Feel free to write us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.