Success Stories

I am truly greatful for all the help I have received from Chrysalis ministries. They help me to with my birth certificate, social security card, ID, surcharges, clothes, and resume for job hunting. This was truly a blessing especially for someone in my position. The took the worries out of it. I just been released from jail, haven’t had any documents for 8 years and in less the 1 month I got it all back and the best part was they covered all the cost. I really don’t think I could have done it without their help. They really surprised me not only how much they help but how much they cared and wanted to help. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is trying to get their life in order not just for the individual but the whole family. THANKS again, Chrysalis for all your help. Your team is a true blessing…..

Robert Zimmer-Thomasch


I have completed the anger management class at Chrysalis Ministries. It has helped me find myself as a person. The program has helped me in many ways with my anger and personality. I can say if I ever needed someone to talk to, I know I can go to Chrysalis Ministries. The people there are very open to hear you and are friendly. It has helped me to move forward and succeed in my life. Chrysalis has been a very big support for me and my children.

God bless.

J. Herrera, Jr.

“It was through a Chrysalis Ministries volunteer that I first heard the message that Jesus Christ came to set captives free.  That was in November 1996 and was extremely important since I was an inmate at the Bexar County Adult Detention Center.  That volunteer might not have been there if it were not for the work of Chrysalis Ministries and I might not have prayed to receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  Chrysalis Ministries impact on my life did not end there though….

It was through the efforts of the Chrysalis Ministries that I received ongoing teaching regarding my new life.  There were various classes offered through Chrysalis Ministries to inmates which I was able to attend.  It was through these classes that I began to see how biblical truths applied to life’s decisions on a daily basis.  That, with the encouragement of those from Chrysalis Ministries, I began to make choices that have changed my life eternally”.

– Paul Micheli

Executive Director’s Note:  Paul Micheli was elected as a member of the Chrysalis Ministries Board of Directors in September 2007.

Before I was a Chaplain & Program Coordinator for Chrysalis Ministries, I was heavily hooked on drugs (heroin & cocaine) and abused alcohol with them. I went to prison five times for a total of 19 years because of my drug addictions. I thank God for Detention Ministries for being there because God came into my life in one of the ministry Bible classes. I thank God today for allowing me to be part of Chrysalis Ministries for 12 years now, and help people on the inside get set free.

– In Christ Service, Cipriano