Facility Services

Chemical Addiction Classes:
Drug and alcohol abuse not only affects the brain, the person physically and psychologically, but it also affects the family. This series will examine the neurology of the brain, the psychology of addiction, the losses that are contributed to substance abuse, and the forgiveness and letting go process. Individuals will be able to learn and identify their triggers, along with gaining coping skills and techniques for crisis in the future, when in recovery.

Character Development Classes:
This course will cover special techniques that are used to help with developing better character, self-esteem, responsibility, and the process of forgiveness and letting go. By understanding personality traits, valuing our importance, and being accountable for our actions, we learn to achieve happiness, contentment, and success in life.

Managing My Life Classes:
Discovering positive changes and encouraging constructive thinking patterns are two key components of this program. Examining ways of contributing to the community, making plans for employment and housing, and learning stress reduction techniques, will help individuals develop a successful re-entry plan to be utilized upon release.

Transition Skills Classes:
Reentering the community is one of the immensely colossal barriers the incarcerated will face when being released from prison or jail. This series helps individuals successfully transition back into society in a healthy manner. This is a 6 week course, examining authentic scenarios involving relapse prevention, surmounting obstacles, accepting authority, and utilizing anger control. This course will also help clients assimilate knowledge and skills to make the right choices, in lieu of reverting back to malefactor thinking and behavior.

12 Step Faith-Based Substance Abuse and Recovery Classes:
Utilizing the same Principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, this program avails those affected by incarceration, learn how to live a drug and alcohol- free life. Through a 12 week course of educational and spiritual edification, the program will establish a plan of action for avoiding relapse for those with addictive and compulsive behaviors.

Anger Management “Pulling Punches” Classes:
Understanding an individual’s rage, learning strategies for managing anger, anger reduction and long term changes, and living well are all components of this series. This course will cover special techniques that are used to diffuse the rage before it gets out of control. Facilitators are certified through The Center for Anger Resolution, Inc.: Anger Busters.

Theft Addiction and Recovery Classes:
The majority of shoplifters steal to support an underlying addiction. This material will help to discover the potencies of “secret keeping,” the reason why we steal, how to relinquish the underlying factors of our feelings and emotions, and additionally how to cope with our destructive theft cycles. The curriculum has been developed by Terrence Shulman, founder of The Shulman Center for Compulsive Theft, Spending, and Hoarding. Chrysalis staff are certified to facilitate these classes.

Healthy Relationships Classes:
An evidence-based series designed to examine the distinctions between healthy and unhealthy relationships. The class will avail individuals understand positive qualities that lead to healthy relationships, explore components of effective communication, discuss how to rehabilitate or leave certain relationships in a safe manner, and conclusively to evaluate the current relationships.

Beyond Violence: Artistic Self-Reflection Women’s Classes:
This series of classes is designed to help women who are suffering or have suffered from violence in their lives and creates an opportunity for them to make changes with violence prevention methods. This is a 12 week series, utilizing the four basic components: Self, Relationships, Community, and Society. The exercises will edify women on their thinking styles and patterns, personal relationships, forgiveness, and rejuvenating approaches. Art Supplies are Included. The curriculum written by Stephanie S. Covington, PhD, LCSW.

Seeking Safety: Treatment Manual for PTSD and Substance Abuse Classes:
This series establishes safety techniques, working towards averting substance use, relinquishing perilous relationships, and gaining control over detachment issues and self-harm. This is a treatment method developed specifically for PTSD and Substance Abuse, written by Lisa M. Najavits, PhD.

“Breaking The Chrysalis” Job Readiness Classes:
The class provides clients who have a malefactor background, with the proper knowledge and guidance when applying and finding employment in the workforce. The program explores Soft Skills Assessment & Development, True Colors of Personality, the Complete Job Application, and 12 Tips for Job Interview Success.

Money Management “Money Matters” Classes:
This one-time class provides a careful examination and understanding of creating a budget and discusses fixed, flexible, and periodic rates. The class further focuses on spending priorities, “how to use” software tools, and online banking. Utilizing the Reentry Personal Finance Pocket Guide, clients will learn how to develop a monthly plan, benefits they are entitled to receive once relinquished, and how to stay debt free.

Parenting Classes:
The Nurturing Parenting Programs offered by Methodist Healthcare Ministries brings parents and individuals together to learn positive parenting behaviors and build nurturing skills. Some of the topics discussed are modeling appropriate behaviors, developing empathy and positive discipline. This is a 10 session program led by trained facilitators and participants receive a certificate upon completion of the program.

Work Ethic and Personal Integrity: Principles of Self-Esteem Classes

Avoiding Violence Classes